Ratings last updated: 04/12/2014
These are the current letter grades for candidates and office holders. If a candidate or office holder is missing from this list, it may mean several things.

1. The WVCDL has not yet decided on a grade.
2. The candidate has not yet pre-filed.
3. On candidates with an unknown record, we have not received a candidate survey.

Also, the WVCDL is expecting two rounds of endorsements. One prior to the primaries, and one after. This page will be updated when any grades or endorsements are released. All grades are subject to change.

Shelley Moore CapitoUnited States SenateALLA+NRShelley reached out to, and worked with the WVCDL in the wake of Sandy Hook. The WVCDL was able to help her understand the views of gun-owning West Virginians, and since then, she has actually repeated our positions in media statements.
Natalie TenantUnited States SenateALLFNDNatalie Tenant initially received a D grade from the WVCDL due to association with and endorsement by powerful, known anti-gun individuals and groups such as Michelle Obama. Since then, the WVCDL has learned that Natalie made statements in support of Senator Joe Manchin's gun registration scheme, and we have downgraded her to F.
Meshea PooreUnited States House of Representatives (2nd)F-NDDelegate Poore voted against, and spoke vehemently against preemption before the 2013 session floor vote on preemption. - DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE
Alex MooneyUnited States House of Representatives (2nd)A+NRGrade based on solid voting record in Maryland legislature.
Kent LeonhardtWV Senate 2Marshall, Monongalia, Wetzel, Marion,Tyler, Doddridge, Calhoun, Ritchie, GilmerANR
Jeff KesslerWV Senate 2Marshall, Monongalia, Wetzel, Marion,Tyler, Doddridge, Calhoun, Ritchie, GilmerAND
Gary JohngrassWV Senate 7Wayne, Lincoln, Boone, Logan, MingoANR
Eric WellsWV Senate 8Putnam, KanawhaC-NDEric Wells railed for several minutes on the senate floor against adding preemption into the home rule bill (SB435) then turned around and voted for it
Duane ZobristWV Senate 10Fayette, Greenbrier, Summers, MonroeA+NR
Robert KarnesWV Senate 11Upshur, Randolph, Grant, Pendleton, Webster, Nicholas, PocahontasANR
Michael L. QueenWV Senate 12Harrison, Lewis, Gilmer, Braxton, ClayBNR
Dave SypoltWV Senate 14Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Tucker, Grant, Mineral, HardyA+YRSenator Sypolt has a long history of sponsoring and cosponsoring pro Second Amendment bills. In the 2014 session, he played the role of "Ace in the hole" on a critical piece of legislation (preempting) affecting all West Virginians. The WVCDL has no stronger ally in the WV Senate.
Stanley ShaverWV Senate 14Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Barbour, Tucker, Grant, Mineral, HardyA+ND
Craig BlairWV Senate 15Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, BerkeleyA+NRSponsored or cosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013.
Charles S. Trump IVWV Senate 15Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, BerkeleyANR
Donald CookmanWV Senate 15Mineral, Hampshire, Morgan, BerkeleyC-ND
John UngerWV Senate 16Berkeley, JeffersonA+NDSenator Unger had a minor Second Amendment setback in 2010. In every session since, he has introduced and pushed pro-gun legislation, including the 2014 preemption bill that passed both houses. He has regained his A+ rating.
Doug SkaffWV Senate 17KanawhaA-ND
Lance WheelerWV Senate 17KanawhaA+NR
Pat McGeehanWV House 1Hancock, BrookeA+NRPat McGeehan has worked hard to secure the vote of WV Gun Owners. The WVCDL believes Pat's position to be as solid as they come on gun rights in this state.
Randy SwartzmillerWV House 1Hancock, BrookeA+NDCosponsored pro-gun legislation in 2013, and fought for the Lane Amendment (preemption for home-rule cities) in conference committee on behalf of the House of Delegates.
Chris ElswickWV House 3OhioC-NR
Ron MorrisWV House 4Ohio, MarshallA+NR
Mary Kay MillikenWV House 5Wetzel, MonongaliaA+NR
Lynwood IrelandWV House 7Pleasants, RitchieA+NRSponsored or cosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013.
Denzil MaloneWV House 8WoodBND
Vernon CrissWV House 10WoodA+NR
Michael G. BrightWV House 12JacksonBND
Scott CadleWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamA+NRSponsored School Carry 2013, co-sponsored many other pro-gun bills.
Michael IhleWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamA+NR
Tim GibsonWV House 13Mason, Jackson, PutnamB-NR
Jim ButlerWV House 14Mason, PutnamA+NRCosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013
Carol MillerWV House 16Cabell, LincolnA+NRCosponsored a preemption bill in 2013.
Dale Anderson IIWV House 16Cabell, LincolnBNR
David BenderWV House 16Cabell, LincolnANR
Doug ReynoldsWV House 17CabellA+ND
Kelli SobonyaWV House 18CabellA+NRDelegate Sobonya has a long history of sponsoring and cosponsoring pro-gun bills in WV.
Joe HutchinsonWV House 18CabellA+ND
Steve MarcumWV House 19WayneA+NR
Justin MarcumWV House 20Mingo, LoganA+YDDelegate Justin Marcum fought for preemption in the House Judiciary committee, and has stood for gun rights in WV for the past two sessions. His gun rights record is pristine, and the WVCDL commends him for his unwavering commitment to the defense and advancement of our rights. Delegate Marcum has stepped up to the plate and solidly earned his endorsement from the WVCDL.
Michael BaisdenWV House 20Mingo, LoganDND
Harry Keith WhiteWV House 21Mingo, Wyoming, McDowellA+YDH.K. White's leadership in the House of Delegates in the 2014 session was critical to the intact passage of SB317, and protecting the rights of gunowners by making firearms laws uniform across the state. His leadership was also critical in protecting the language in the NICS/Brady bypass bill from amendment that would have torpedoed the bill.
Roger StacyWV House 21Mingo, Wyoming, McDowellA-NR
Jeff EldridgeWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganA+NDCosponsored preemption in 2013.
Joshua BarkerWV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganA+NDCosponsored multiple important pro-gun bills in 2014 session.
Michel G. Moffatt Sr.WV House 22Putnam, Lincoln, Boone, LoganA+NR
Joshua NelsonWV House 23BooneA+NRCosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013 session, spoke in favor of preemption on the House floor.
Rupert PhillipsWV House 24Boone, Logan, WyomingA+YDDelegate Phillips has shepherded some of West Virginia's best gun rights bills through the legislature for the past two years. His influence and commitment to the advancement of our rights has been exemplary. The WVCDL is proud to endorse Delegate Phillips.
Clif MooreWV House 26McDowell, MercerA+ND
Joe EllingtonWV House 27MercerB-NR
Marty GearhartWV House 27MercerB+NR
Ricky MoyeWV House 29RaleighA+ND
Melvin KesslerWV House 30RaleighAND
Clyde Mcknight Jr.WV House 31Raleigh, WyomingF-NDClyde McNight returned a blank survey (click the link in his name) with the cryptic line at the bottom that he'd like to work with us where we can. This is a non answer, and a non-commitment to the defense of our rights.
Dave PerryWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighA+ND
Kayla KessingerWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighA+NR
Tighe BullockWV House 32Nicholas, Fayette, RaleighC+NM
David A. WalkerWV House 33Gilmer, Calhoun, ClayA+ND
Brent BoggsWV House 34Gilmer, BraxtonA+NDCosponsored multiple important pro-gun bills in 2014 session.
Brian K. GriffithWV House 34Gilmer, BraxtonANR
Suzette RainesWV House 35KanawhaA+NRAs a member of the House of Delegates, and while sitting on the Education committee, Suzette Raines cosponsored a bill that would allow anyone with a concealed handgun permit to carry on school grounds.
A. Richard McGinnisWV House 35KanawhaD-NR
Thorton CooperWV House 35KanawhaFNDCooper is running his campaign on an anti-gun position.
Nancy GuthrieWV House 36KanawhaF-NDDelegate Guthrie voted against, and spoke vehemently against preemption before the 2013 session floor vote on preemption. - DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS CANDIDATE
Danny WellsWV House 36KanawhaFNDVoted against preemption in the 2013 legislative session.
Mark HuntWV House 36KanawhaA+YDMark Hunt, who represents Kanawha County, and is subject to the anti-gun rantings of the Gazette, took on the Gazette directly on the House Floor arguing in favor of preemption. Mark has a long history of supporting pro-gun, pro self-defense bills in the House, in the face of anti-gun Kanawha County (and surrounding) media.
Vaughn SizemooreWV House 36KanawhaA+YRVaughn Sizemore has a track record of supporting gun rights and the WVCDL that goes back for years. Vaughn actually authored the Preemption bill that will be introduced in the 2014 legislative session. The WVCDL Board of Directors can think of no candidate in the 36th District that is stronger on Second Amendment rights.
George MooreWV House 36KanawhaF-NR
Stevie ThaxtonWV House 36KanawhaBNR
Richard LindsayWV House 37KanawhaFNDRunning his campaign on an anti-gun position.
Patrick LaneWV House 38PutnamA+NRIntroduced the "Lane Amendment" stripping the ability of home rule cities to regulate firearms in any fashion except in city governmental buildings. (Read: city hall, police stations, etc, not parks and parking garages)
Ron WaltersWV House 39KanawhaANR
Jordan HIllWV House 41Nicholas, GreenbrierANR
Bill HartmanWV House 43Randolph, PocahontasB+ND
Duane Borchers SrWV House 44Upshur, Randolph, Webster, NicholasA+NR
Derek V. LongWV House 46Lewis, UpshurA+NR
Derek H. HartWV House 47Barbour, TuckerANRDerek's candidate survey did not list his party. We looked it up on the Secretary of State's site.
Robert Perrine Jr.WV House 47Barbour, TuckerBNR
Tim MileyWV House 48HarrisonA+NDTim Miley has been instrumental in moving pro-gun-rights bills both last year as House Judiciary Chair, and this year as Speaker of the House.
Terry WaxmanWV House 48HarrisonC+NR
Phil MallowWV House 50MarionBNR
Cindy FrichWV House 51MonongaliaA+NRCosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013, including nullification.
Anthony BarillWV House 51MonongaliaA+NDCosponsored CCW privacy bill in 2013
Barbara Evans FleischauerWV House 51MonongaliaC-NDBarbara Fleischauer did not return a survey. She often argues against gun bills, then ironically votes for them.
Larry WilliamsWV House 52PrestonAND
Allen EvansWV House 54Mineral, Grant, PendletonA+NRSponsored or cosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013.
Kevin P. HaggertyWV House 54Mineral, Grant, PendletonB+NR
Isaac SponaugleWV House 55Hardy, PendletonA+NDHas a solid pro 2a record and defended preemption in House Judiciary in the 2014 session.
Gary HowellWV House 56MineralA+NRDelegate Howell sponsored multiple pro-gun bills in the 2013 session.
Ryan KeyserWV House 58Morgan, HampshireANR
Daryl CowlesWV House 58Morgan, HampshireB+NR
Larry KumpWV House 59Berkeley, MorganA+NRCosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013
Larry FairclothWV House 60BerkeleyA+NRCosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013.
Gary W. KelleyWV House 60BerkeleyA+NR
Jason BarrettWV House 61BerkeleyA+NDSponsored or cosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013.
John OveringtonWV House 62BerkeleyA+YRThe West Virginia Citizens Defense League is pleased to announce their endorsement for Del. John Overington for the WV House of Delegates 55th District. Del. Overington has shown steadfast support for firearms owners of WV by sponsoring and co-sponsoring numerous pro-gun bills and maintaining his efforts to protect and enhance the gun rights in WV. Del. Overington continuously seeks counsel of the Board of Directors of the WVCDL on many gun issues across the state, and has been instrumental in the introduction of WVCDL pro-gun bills
Kristin LokenWV House 62BerkeleyF-ND
Michael FolkWV House 63BerkeleyA+NRSponsored or cosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013.
Eric HouseholderWV House 64BerkeleyA+NRSponsored or cosponsored multiple pro-gun bills in 2013.
Paul EspinosaWV House 66JeffersonBNRDelegate Espinosa's survey reflects that he would not support Constitutional Carry. This was a result of confusion. Delegate Espinosa did not support the flawed constitutional carry bill from the 2014 session. The WVCDL is fine with that, as we did not support that bill, either because it would have destroyed our reciprocity with other states. Delegate Espinosa supports constitutional carry (as does the WVCDL) and clarified his position via email with the Board of Directors.
Stephen SkinnerWV House 67JeffersonFNDStephen Skinner was one of the few "no" votes on statewide preemption in the 2013 legislative session.
Patricia RuckerWV House 67JeffersonA+NR