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Legislative Victory!
Governor Justice has signed HB2694 into law. WVCDL, you have made history. Not simply just West Virginia history either… This legislation is monumental in many regards which will only become more apparent as current events unfold. West Virginia proudly holds the torch as being the tip of the spear in preserving, expanding, and perpetuating the right to keep and bear arms. It is my fervent hope that this brushfire of liberty you have unleashed will spread far-and-wide. You made this possible – your tireless activism, your unceasing dedication, your unwavering courage to take on the big fights.

In HB2694, West Virginia has drawn a line in the sand. On one side of that line are the West Virginian people – including our brothers and sisters in West Virginia state and local law enforcement who do not want to enforce federal infringements. On the other side of that line are federal agents from multiple alphabet soup groups seeking to enforce endless, nonsensical infringements upon our collective birthrights until they are ground to rubble and ash.

As uncomfortable as it may be, there are certain moments in history that are “a time for choosing.” On many, many fronts in this troubled country, storm clouds have gathered. While we all hope and pray for our children and our posterity that troubles subside, if they do not, your work, WVCDL, has built a shelter from the storm. Come what may, never forget what you already know in your hearts – that mountaineers always mean to be free, and that there is no freedom without the right to keep and bear arms.

Montani Semper Liberi
-Ian T. Masters, Esq. President, WVCDL

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In 2016, the WVCDL authored, and was instrumental in the passage of historic legislation. HB4145 (known as “Constitutional Carry”) corrected an abhorrent condition, in which the government took our right to self defense, and sold it back to us under the guise of a “license.”

Previously, the 2015 legislative session was an outstanding one for West Virginia gun owners. The WVCDL was instrumental in authoring and/or securing passage of multiple pro-gun bills. In 2015, the legislature secured:

-CHL Privacy (exempting private CHL information from FOIA requests)
-Clean up of open carry issues in the woods and in vehicles
-Allowing people with CHLs to store their firearms in their vehicles on the State Capitol Complex
-Mandatory CLEO signoffs for NFA items

The WVCDL was also instrumental authoring and securing the passage of SB347 (Constitutional Carry), but the bill was vetoed by Governor Earl Ray Tomblin. In 2016, the legislature overrode a similar veto thanks to your efforts.

About Us

The West Virginia Citizens Defense League (WVCDL), West Virginia’s largest pro-gun lobbying group, is a non-partisan, non-profit, all-volunteer, grassroots organization of concerned West Virginians who support our individual right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, family, home and state, and for lawful hunting and recreational use, as guaranteed by Article III, §22 of the West Virginia Constitution and the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

WVCDL is proud of it’s accomplishments and remains the largest West Virginia-based gun rights organization.

The WVCDL seeks to promote legislation in the West Virginia Legislature to eliminate unfair restrictions on law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms and promote public awareness of the lawful use of firearms in self-defense.