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3./19/21 legislative alert!!

Patrick Moore
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The House Judiciary Committee passed our bill - HB2694 - to the floor with the recommendation that it passes.

We did not have a roll call vote and there were indeed some NAY votes but we would like to thank the committee members who stood with West Virginians against federal firearms infringements.

Unfortunately, there was a great deal of misinformation put forward - primarily by the ever anti-gun Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) - who continue to present themselves as if they WANT to enforce federal firearms infringements.

Thankfully, we have had droves of law enforcement officials (some of whom are WVCDL members) tell us the FOP "does not represent" their position as that these officers respect and admire our bill. These law enforcement members understand our bill is aimed just as much at protecting our brother and sister West Virginia law enforcement officers as it is protecting we, the people.

Next steps:
(1) See to it that the bill is quickly "reported" to the House floor and moving along (curiously enough our bills are often-times moved along at a leisurely pace). We will be watching.

(2) See to it that the bill, without further amendment, is passed by the House. Even with the incorrect and unfortunate lobbying efforts against your rights by the FOP and others, we have the numbers to pass the bill with bipartisan support.

(3) Once passed in House, continue to pressure the West Virginia Senate to take on the bill and provide direly needed protections for West Virginians against federal infringements.

A thank you to our sponsors as well as those who voted in favor of the bill in committee with bipartisan support.

Buckle up, the attacks against your rights are only beginning.

Well done, WVCDL. It is day 38 of the 60 day session but we have positive and substantial firearm legislation out of committee.

Montani Semper Liberi