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Kevin Patrick, Jr.
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Your bill, HB2694 (Create the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act), came out of the Senate Government Organization committee last evening. It has been reported to the Senate floor and referred to the committee on the Judiciary. As you may remember, the Senate version of this bill died in Senate Judiciary. There is a very real concern HB2694 will also die or be negatively amended in this committee.

While we hear constantly from legislators and opponents
of this bill "I love the 2nd Amendment...I own lots of guns...", the truth is those are just words. This bill is turning out to be a litmus test on where your Senators stand on the right to keep and bear arms. Do they love the 2nd but want new federal gun control to be enforced by WV officers? Which is it?

Opponents of this bill have said it will mean there would no ability to enforce drug laws in this state. That is an outright lie. Drug task forces are specifically exempted in this bill.

There are 10 more days in the legislative session (calendar days, not business days - it ends April 10 at midnight). Your phone calls are more important than ever. Remember when calling that the secretaries answering the phones do not have a vote. They are the messenger - so be polite. We encourage everyone to call the Judiciary committee members. If you happen to be live in the district/county of any of the committee members - be sure to mention that in your message.

If you live near Charleston - you can contact your Senators and request an appointment to meet with them. It is always a good thing to see WVCDL shirts up at the Capitol. Please take advantage of this option.

Look carefully at the counties these folks represent -

Senate Judiciary Committee

Senator Trump – Chair (R – Morgan)
(304) 357-7880
Senator Weld - Vice-Chair (R – Brooke)
(304) 357-7984
Senator Azinger (R – Wood)
(304) 357-7970
Senator Beach (D – Monongalia)
(304) 357-7919
Senator Blair (R – Berkeley) *also President of the Senate
(304) 357-7801
Senator Caputo (D – Marion)
(304) 357-7961
Senator Grady (R – Mason)
(304) 357-7855
Senator Lindsay (D – Kanawha)
(304) 357-7841
Senator Maynard (R – Wayne)
(304) 357-7808
Senator Phillips (R – Logan)
(304) 357-7857
Senator Romano (D – Harrison)
(304) 357-7904
Senator Rucker (R – Jefferson)
(304) 357-7957
Senator Smith (R – Tucker)
(304) 357-7957
Senator Stover (R – Wyoming)
(304) 357-7807
Senator Takubo (R – Kanawha) *also Majority Leader of the Senate
(304) 357-7990
Senator Woelfel (D – Cabell)
(304) 357-7956
Senator Woodrum (R – Summers)
(304) 357-7849