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SB 246

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Any thoughts on the chances of this making it through this year?

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I know Marshall is against it again.  I just got an email from Staff Council asking to sign a letter against it.  And the MU police chief spoke out against it last year.  But I hope they can get it passed.  Anyone else here work at  / attend Marshall that would want to help circulate a letter in support of it?

and seriously??  what a bunch of BS on the reasons they don't want them...pretty weak arguments in my opinion


February 12, 2021


The Honorable Governor Jim Justice and Members of the West Virginia Legislature: 


We, the undersigned members of the Marshall University Community, ask that you keep our campus safe by allowing our Board of Governors to continue to regulate campus safety by opposing SB 246. 


As clearly articulated during the House of Delegates Public Hearing on HB 2519 in 2019, the majority of the Marshall University community strongly opposes allowing guns on our campus, in any form. Our Chief of Police, Jim Terry, who spoke at the public hearing, explained that allowing guns on campus is dangerous for the following reasons: 

  • In an emergency when multiple guns are raised, a police officer cannot discern who is making the threat and will therefore likely fire on multiple people, including the innocent. 
  • People with a concealed carry permit only have a short training period and are not likely to be able to defend themselves or others in an emotional, emergency situation.
  • Students are very likely to store their guns in backpacks and other unsecured areas where they could be fired accidentally or stolen. 


Another reason that guns on campus would increase the danger to students and others is that students are experiencing high stress due to the pandemic, pressure to succeed, financial worries, social pressures, and relationship stresses. Our counseling center -- even before the pandemic --  was in high demand from students who are struggling with coping mechanisms and that demand is even higher now. During the pandemic the CDC reports that approximately 25% of adults ages 18 to 24 have considered suicide in the last 30 days.  Every study that has examined the issue to date has found that within the U.S., access to firearms is associated with increased suicide risk.  In addition, attempted suicide by firearm is much more likely to be fatal than other forms of suicide attempts.  The urge to act out through self-harm or by inflicting harm on others could have devastating consequences with easy access to deadly weapons on campus.  


Marshall University’s Faculty Senate has passed five resolutions in as many years against having deadly weapons on campus. President Gilbert has repeatedly declared his opposition to campus carry. 


In short, the Marshall University Community has voiced, through multiple venues, our desire to allow our Board of Governors to regulate campus safety. Please hear us and act to keep us safe by continuing to allow our Board of Governors to determine the policies and practices that serve our community best and opposing SB 246.