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[Closed] **Read before posting** Marketplace rules

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The WVCDL Marketplace Rules are steadfast rules that are not open to any interpretations. The Marketplace Etiquette Suggestions and Common Courtesy sections are intended to be additional comments on common courtesies that are normally afforded by mature adults to others during sales transactions in most Internet venues. The Administration reserves the right to modify The WVCDL Marketplace Rules and The Marketplace Suggested Etiquette and Common Courtesy sections at any time and solely at its discretion.

The WVCDL Administration provides The WVCDL Marketplace as an open forum for its registered members of good standing to use on a basis of granted privileges. A member's use of The WVCDL Marketplace may suspended or revoked at any time and solely at the discretion of the Administration. The WVCDL Administration neither offers, extends or implies to any member any warranties or protections arising in any fashion out of any member's performance or lack there of in The WVCDL Marketplace. You are on your own when it comes to dealing with other members in Marketplace.

Caveat Emptor; The principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods and/or the selling parties reputation for performance before a purchase is made. Aka, ... LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

#1 ... YOU MUST USE THE APPROVED SALES HEADERS, PROVIDE A DESCRIPTION AND POST A PRICE FOR YOUR ITEMS - You must post and maintain your Marketplace thread in accordance with all Marketplace rules and you must properly use the following WVCDL "Marketplace" Thread Headers. It is also required that you post an asking price in your original post for each item offered. Always describe what you are offering and do not be vague. Admins may post a need for you to correct your thread or we may edit your thread content as we see fit if needed and solely at our discretion. Please follow the guidelines to keep The WVCDL Marketplace flowing smoothly. Any sales threads posted without a approved header, a decent description of what is being offered including a price for each items offered in the original post , ... may be edited/deleted at admin discretion.

WTS: ....... want to sell
WTB: ....... want to buy
WTT: ....... want to trade
SPF/TP: ......... Sold Pending Funds or Trade Pending.
SOLD/TRADED: ...... Sold or Traded is a DONE DEAL..

SELLERS PLEASE NOTE: Remember to update your Sale Thread to reflect any change in availability status. This will help to keep our members up to date on your items. To change your header click on ... 'Edit' ... in the bottom of the window in your sales thread's original post to access editing. 

BUYERS PLEASE NOTE: Most members will post their items on many different firearm related sales venues. While this is a common practice and it is considered desirable for the seller to receive maximum exposure, it may cause difficulty and confusion when the item is sold elsewhere and the selling member fails to update the Marketplace Sales Thread in a timely fashion. Please exercise understanding.

A SPECIAL MESSAGE:  on ... "GROUP" ... Group Buys posted in the Marketplace.

All ... "Group Buys" ... must be approved first by an admin prior to the offering. Group Buy sales threads are marginally different than a normal sales thread posted by an individual member. We will allow the asking of questions that are typical of group buys to be asked in these threads. You know what's proper and we do too. Group Buys are sometimes a great savings to all members in our community. Please respect the person who leads the Group Buy as they are often not compensated for their help and need not be hampered with nonsense. Don't play games by asking asinine questions, you will be banned.

#2 ... NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN SALES THREAD HEADERS - Do not use stars, asterisks, dashes, plus signs, quotes, ect in your header to draw attention ... You can use them all you want in your sales thread's body of text, but do not use them in the thread header subject line. This is only fair to other members and keeps the Marketplace pages clean of clutter and insures that all threads will appear on a fair and even footing.

#3 ... MAXIMUM OF THREE NEW and/or OLD SALES THREADS and/or 'BTT'ed THREADS PER 24 HOURS¹. Do not post more than a combination of three new sales threads and/or three 'BTT's of your new or old threads inside of any 24 hour period. 'BTT" means BUMP TO THE TOP. This is a method used to place your item on the first page of a marketplace forum. Call it 'BTT" , BUMP, To The Top, UP, ^^^, whatever ... it is all considered a 'BTT'. Any and all 'BTT' posts must be made at least 24 hours after the last post by anyone in the sales thread on any issue. Also, do not 'BTT' your thread inside of 24 hours after someone asks you a question and you post a reply to their inquiry.

** Deleting your thread and then posting it again within the "no bumping" period is considered a violation of this rule. We see these things, so don't do it.

#4 ... POSTING IN A SALES THREAD TO BUY (CLAIM) AN ITEM - Make claim to an item by posting ... "I'll take it!" ... followed by timely communication to the seller to finalize the claim. The date and time of your post is included as evidence of your claim, and should be respected by the seller. Any other stated conditions to your claim posted before, during, or after your claim of ... "I'll take it!"... such as but not limited to, ... "if it's Russian?", ... "pending some/more photos?", ... "if the dog does not bite the postman?", and our all time favorite ... "if my mommy/lover/wife will give me some of my money?", will ... NULLIFY ... your claim to the item.

Furthermore, if someone else posts a simple ... "I'll take it!" ... subsequent to your improper 'conditional' claim, then that member has the legitimate claim to the item. This rule is intended to help protect the seller from a potential buyer posting a conditional claim, then going on a Caribbean Cruise for two weeks before answering the seller's request for additional information.

EXAMPLE: Have you ever attended a Local Gun Show with say 10,000 people cramming the aisles? Have you ever stood in line at a seller's table while some punk/hillbilly/idiot/fool/geezer/wino w/B.O. camps his unwashed ass in front of someone's table and proceeds to ask twenty-five thousand asinine questions of the table holder while he fondles the death out of something you want to buy immediately and at the price as marked? .... If you have questions to ask, get them asked and answered because this ain't gonna happen at Our Show!

#5 ... BACKING OUT OF CLAIMS TO BUY AN ITEM - If you post ... "I'll take it!" ... but then fail to follow through, you will be banned from the Marketplace. Read the sales thread thoroughly and communicate your concerns before claiming an item. Also, do not be caught 'freezing' an item then later backing out after you ask questions or realize it is not what you want. We were born at night, but it was not last night. The Moderators can see what you change in your posts and what you delete from your posts. If you do not have any intention to follow through with your claim, ... DO NOT POST ANYTHING!

#6 ... THREAD CRAPPING OR TROLLING OF SALES THREADS ... Posting any comments other than ... "I'll take it!" ... or posting any question or comment other than a pertinent question asking additional information about the item or asking about the Group Buy in a Marketplace thread is off topic. This behavior will result in a swift ban. In a sales thread, you may ask a few pertinent questions about the item being offered such as "What is the muzzle/throat erosion?", "Photos please?" or properly posting that a "PM/email has been sent" to the seller The board software uses multiple methods to notify the recipient of PMs, so public notifications of such are no longer valid in the Marketplace. In a Group Buy please be on topic and respectful. We want the Marketplace to move smoothly. If you wish to buy an item then make your claim per the rules. If you are not claiming the item or asking a pertinent question, then post nothing at all. ... Nothing! ... Move on!

#7 ... NO POSITIVE 'ATTA-BOY' AND NO NEGATIVE 'BASHING' POSTS IN SALES THREADS - No positive 'item promoting', ... cheering', ... 'pimping', ... or other types of extraneous positive posts will be allowed to be posted in members sales threads in Marketplace. The Marketplace is not a High School Pep Rally for ... 'rah-rahs' No negative extraneous posts such as ... "the seller's a bum', ... or ... "the price is too high", ... or "you are a lousy gouger" ... as The Marketplace is also not a 'Review Forum' or a place for posting your questionable issue of possible 'butt-hurt'.

#8 ... BUMPING OF "OUTDATED" SALES THREADS - If a sale thread is dead and the item/items were sold and there are no outstanding/current issues with the deal and someone bumps the thread for the sake of bumping it (any thread with prices that are months old), the bumping member will likely see themselves temporarily banned. Old threads are left here in The Marketplace as a reference of prior sales, price histories, etc. and not for the amusement of members who wants to bump a thread to get a rise out of other members. IF you think an old thread is viable or has something you think may still be available, ... email or PM the Original Posting Member and ask.

#9 ... HIJACKING OF A SALES THREAD - if you hijack another persons thread (you try to interrupt a sale by offering the same or a similar item or direct other members to commercial websites elsewhere, etc...) you will be banned at once. If you have something to sell or are wanting to buy you must start your own thread. Hijacking someone else's thread by any means and in any fashion is unacceptable.

#10 ... NO ADs, SALES INFORMATION OR HOT LINKS TO/FROM OTHER BOARDS, COMMERCIAL SITES OR AUCTIONS - This Marketplace is provided for WVCDL Forum members. Wake up! Make it flow here! Promote this venue as ... The Premier Firearm related Marketplace in WV. Do not post links to any other sales venues of any kind. Do not post links to auctions of any kind no matter who is selling the item.

                  Additional Suggested Etiquette and Common Courtesy

Remember, this is America and ... 'Who gets what' ... is ultimately up to the selling member's discretion. Who gets what should normally be the first member to respond to a selling member's sales thread properly. A member's time posted and condition-less claim of ... "I'll take it!" ... is the 'factor' most selling members will honor. We prefer that all members sell to all members, yet we know there are individual issues between some members and it is the seller who ultimately makes the decision on who is or is not buying what they are selling.

What do you do to your thread once the sale is made and eventually finalized? Just edit the header in the first post to reflect the items status as mentioned in Marketplace Rule #1. Other members appreciate it when you replace the WTS: with SPF: or SOLD: This consideration saves time and limits wasted efforts by members asking information on an item that is already sold. We recommend that you do not delete pricing or other information on the item(s) you have listed. This leaves the original sale information available to review without performing a Moderator's Search of Edits should any questions or issues arise from the transaction.

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